Genuinely strong. Who will become the lead stallion?

Every year, powerful Noriker stallions vie for dominance and the role of “lead stallion” at Alpengasthof Bodenhaus during the legendary Stallion Drive, before all of them are drive up into the mountains to spend the summer months grazing at the Grieswiesalm.

The stallion drive 2023 is planned for Saturday the 24th of June 2023.

Tons of unbridled raw strength and energy. 20 Noriker stallions – but only one of them can take on the role as lead stallion. What for us, as spectators, seems to be very rough behavior indeed, is actually very necessary in order for the animals to spend a peaceful summer in the hills. And so, during the Stallion Drive at the Bodenhaus, under the watchful eye of breeders and thousands of spectators, the horses determine their own “pecking order”. Biting, kicking and even boxing – it appears that practically everything is allowed in this demonstration of power. Once the lead stallion has been determined, the others peacefully assume their subordinate roles and fights out on the alpine pastures simply aren’t necessary anymo

Their “summer holidays”, which last for about one hundred days, are spent by the stallions at the Grieswiesalm, an area that rises to as high as over 2,000 m above sea level. And they are not there alone: around 100 mares, foals and juvenile horses, 330 calves and 230 sheep and goats are also driven up to the high grazing areas. The Grieswiesalm lies at the foot of the Hoher Sonnblick in Kolm Saigurn and covers an area of about 866 hectares.

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