A genuinely beautiful folk costume The Rauris Dirndl

The excitement was great: At the Harvest Festival event in 2014, the authentic Rauris Dirndl was presented by farmers' wives from Rauris for the very first time.

Characteristic of the Rauris dirndl are the golden buttons and the embroidered mining symbol on the back. Both elements of this folk costume reference the history of Rauris Valley as the center of the gold-mining world. The so-called "basque" of the dirndl is sewn from linen. The colors of the apron and skirt are not defined and can be chosen according to personal taste.

"The dirndl needs to be wearable for all occasions. And it has to be in keeping with Rauris Valley." This was important to the women of Rauris as they created the design. "A truly authentic Rauris dirndl, in other words."

Are you interested in getting your own Rauris dirndl? The president of the Rauris' women's group, Barbara Rainer from the Unterreithof in Seidlwinkltal, looks forward to hearing from you and will be glad to provide you with additional information:
E: info@unterreit.at
T: +43 664 200 52 32

... stylish dirndls sported by stylish ladies will once again be an important part of this year's Harvest Festival celebrations!