Beautiful and ugly Perchten in the Raurisertal Valley

Around 80 Perchten roam through the Rauris Valley on 6 January and bring good luck and messages of blessing. After two years of research and preparation the Rauris Perchten Parade takes place every two years. 

The number of Perchten taking part in the parade is impressing - from Toifin and Schnabelperchten to Frau Percht, Hans Wurscht and Habergeiß, Zapfenmandl, Bamwercher, Bergmandl and many more. Masks were replicated and carved in line with the originals. A particular gem is the replica of the original pig mask that an still be seen today in the hunting lodge of the Hohenzollerns in Sigmaringen, Germany. This pig mask was carried in Perchten processions until 1895.