Genuinely good. Your vacation in Rauris Valley and Taxenbach.

Fleischkrapfen meat pasties at a centuries-old inn, wiener schnitzel with parsley potatoes, a hearty snack platter of bacon and cheese at the mountain hut, warm farmhouse doughnuts at the Schmankerlmarkt in Rauris, or a schnapps enjoyed right there at the farm where it was distilled. This is the taste of your vacation in Rauris Valley and Taxenbach.

Dining in Rauris Valley

Genuinely good bread.

Precisely how genuinely good bread is made is something you can learn on a visit to Roswitha Huber at the Kalchkendlalm, the “school on the mountain”. In the bread-baking courses she offers there, this former teacher shows you how to make your own sandwich bread while sharing interesting facts about sourdough, wood-fired stoves, and her personal bread travels that have taken her to the FoodFilmFestival in New York and to Burkina Faso. Every two years, Roswitha Huber hosts an "International Bread Festival" in Rauris, during which bread bakers and –lovers from around the world gather. Further information can be found in Roswitha’s book "Gutes Brot" as well as on her website.

Mountain classroom

Cookbooks featuring special dishes from Rauris and Taxenbach

The initiators of the Rauris Specialty Markets compiled their favorite recipes in 2013. The result was the Rauriser Schmankerlkochbuch, a cookbook featuring cheese dumplings, woodcutter compote, elder syrup, meat pasties, apple pie and many other treats to cook at home. This cookbook is available for Euro 9 from the Rauris Tourist Office as well as at local markets.
In the cookbook "Taxenbacher Köstlichkeiten", local cooks and chefs from Taxenbach reveal some of their otherwise well-kept recipe secrets . 

Delicious treats from Taxenbach
Hearty snack of bacon and cheese
Cheese, bacon and fresh bread served on an alpine hut in Rauris

Farm-Direct Sales

Would you like to take something good and homemade with you as a souvenir of your holidays? In Rauris Valley, around 15 farms offer farm-direct sale of jams, schnapps, cheese, bacon, dairy products and more.
The Heustadlhof, especially, has much to offer: Margot Langreiter, lovingly nicknamed the “herb witch”, produces healthful teas and herbal ointments made from native herbs.
You can also buy our local delicacies conveniently and around the clock at the "Regio Box" below the municipal office.

Farm-direct sales outlets