Genuine mountain experiences in the hiking areas of Rauris Valley and Taxenbach

Wanderurlaub im Nationalpark
Wandern im Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
Almhütten im Raurisertal
Wanderwege im Raurisertal

With over 295 km of marked hiking paths and alpine trails in Rauris Valley as well as 70 km in Taxenbach, this SalzburgerLand region is one of the biggest and most diverse hiking areas in Hohe Tauern National Park.

Pleasant hikes across lush alpine meadows to your next refreshment stop at one of the managed mountain huts, instructive theme paths as well as challenging ascents of 3,000-meter peaks. Past springs and waterfalls, to genuine natural jewels such as Rauris Virgin Forest, the Rauriser UrQuell or through Kitzloch Gorge, past evidence of gold-mining days, birds of prey circling high above your head, to vast vistas out across yet more amazing peaks ... mountaineers and hikers face practically limitless opportunities in Rauris Valley and Taxenbach. Hiking in Rauris Valley means active recreation and unforgettable experiences in the heart of Hohe Tauern National Park! So, pack your rucksack, slip on those hiking boots – the mountains are calling!

Hiking Routes Theme Paths Hiking Map Current Weather

It is recommended to plan your tour taking into consideration the weather situation and the route´s difficulty, and to equip yourself appropriately. Please stay on the marked trails and pay attention to the information signs on the trail.

Hiking Paths Rauris Valley

Status Name Type
Open Nr. 7, Rauris - Wörth Waidachweg (Länge: 3,50km) Walking trail
Open Nr. 0, Rauriser Sommerrunde (Länge: 3,80km) Walking trail
Open Nr. 28, Wörth - Bucheben - Bodenhaus - alte Buchebenstraße (Länge: 11,50km) Walking trail
Open Nr. 11, Tillys Waldpfad (Länge: 2,00km) Educational trail
Closed Nr. 21, Lehrweg "Könige der Lüfte" (Länge: 5,60km)
Aufgrund von Lawinengefahr geschlossen.
Educational trail
Open Nr. 22, Blumenlehrpfad Wastlalm (Länge: 3,20km) Educational trail
Open Nr. 25, Rauriser UrQuell Educational trail
Closed Nr. 30, Rauriser Urwald (Länge: 1,50km)
tlw. noch Schneefelder
Educational trail
Closed Nr. 32, Tauerngoldrundwanderweg - Gletscherschaupfad (Länge: 7,00km) Educational trail
Open Nr. 114, Wasserinformationsweg Seidlwinkltal (Länge: 13,00km) Educational trail
Open Nr. 117, Blumenwanderweg Gaisbachtal (Länge: 3,60km) Educational trail
Closed Nr. 119, Tauerngold Erlebnisweg (Länge: 2,50km) Educational trail
Open Nr. 10, Heimalm - Waldalm (Länge: 3,60km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 16, Wörth - Lercheggalm (Länge: 6,40km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 18, Wörth - Fröstlberg - Kalchkendlalm - Bucheben (Länge: 3,30km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 23, Verbindung Rainberg - Gaisbachtal (Länge: 6,00km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 24, Höhenweg Kolm Saigurn - Bucheben (Länge: 15,00km)
Holzarbeiten zwischen Seealm und Panoramaalm.<br />Panoramaalm über das Rauriser UrQuell erreichbar.
Hiking trail
Open Nr. 27, Wörtherberg (Länge: 3,00km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 29, Knappenweg Bodenhaus - Kolm Saigurn (Länge: 4,30km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 31, Almenweg (Länge: 1,20km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 110, Rupertiweg zum Eingang Kitzlochklamm (Länge: 4,60km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 110, Rupertiweg Kitzlochklamm (Länge: 4,00km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 2a, Retteneggalm - Rettenegghöhe (Länge: 2,50km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 4, Rainberg - Hirschebenalm (Länge: 5,80km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 4, Hirschebenalm - Poseralm (Länge: 4,00km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 5, Hirschebenalm - Rettenegg (Länge: 2,10km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 6, Rauris - Poseralm - Wörth (Länge: 5,90km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 9, Rauris - Lackwald - Karalm - Rauris (Länge: 5,40km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 12, Wörth - Gschlösslalm - Penninghofalm - Hanslwirt (Länge: 14,10km)
teilweise Schneefelder
Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 13, Palfneralm - Hirzkaralm (Länge: 1,60km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 15, Forsterbachtal - Hofmannalm - Lercheggalm - Flatscheralm (Länge: 8,10km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 17, Verbindung Fröstlbergweg - Forsterbachtal (Länge: 4,00km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 20, Bucheben - Steinalm - Feldereralm (Länge: 3,40km)
Weg zur Steinalm begehbar, Steinalm geöffnet<br />Schnee oberhalb der Steinalm
Hiking trail
Open Nr. 25, Bodenhaus - Rauriser UrQuell - Panoramaalm (Länge: 2,00km)
kleine Schneefelder vorhanden
Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 110, Weitwanderweg Rupertiweg über Seebachscharte nach Bad Hofgastein (Länge: 15,40km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 114, Wörth - Hochtor - Säumerweg (Länge: 20,10km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 115, Bucheben - Stanzscharte (Länge: 7,50km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 116, Rauris - Reißrachkopf - Schwarzwand (Länge: 6,20km)
Rauris bis Hochalm offen - ab 1.800m Schneefelder
Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 119, Kolm Saigurn - Neubau (Länge: 4,00km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 124, Rauris - Kreuzboden - Waldalm - Reißrachkopf - Hirschkopf (Länge: 5,30km)
Bis Waldalm offen - ab 1.800m Schneefelder
Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 2, Rauris - Kramkogel (Länge: 8,10km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 3, Rauris - Grubereck (Länge: 5,60km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 13, Edelweißspitze - Hirzkar - Seidlwinkltal (Länge: 7,20km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 14, Weichselbachhöhe - Breitebenkopf (Länge: 4,10km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 102, Weitwanderweg Fraganter Scharte - Niedere Scharte - Sonnblick (Länge: 4,40km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 102, Sonnblick - Hochtor (Länge: 11,00km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 111, Kolm Saigurn - Niedersachsenhaus (Länge: 4,20km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 120, Niedersachsenhaus - Schareck (Länge: 7,80km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 117, Rauris - Karalm - Bernkogel (Länge: 5,30km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 117a, Zöllnerweg - Lackwald - Bernkogel (Länge: 6,80km)
Lackwald - Karalm begehbar
Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 119, Kolm Saigurn - Fraganterscharte - Herzog Ernst Spitze (Länge: 8,10km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 121, Kolm Saigurn - Bockhartscharte - Silberpfenning (Länge: 6,40km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 122, Hoher Sonnblick (Länge: 4,50km) Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 123, Erfurterweg Hocharn (Länge: 5,30km) Hiking trail
Open Nr. 125, Hundsdorf - Penninghofalm - Rosskopf - 4 Gipfel (Länge: 4,50km)
Bis Penninghofalm offen - ab 1.800m Schneefelder
Hiking trail

Hiking Paths Taxenbach

Status Name Type
Open Nr. 1, Salzachpromenade - Salzachsteig Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 2, Obere Gschwandtnerberg Runde Hiking trail
Open Nr. 3, Untere Gschwandtnerberg Runde Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 4, Kitzlochklamm- Ager-Taxenbach Hiking trail
Open Nr. 6, Themenwanderweg "Taxenbacher Zeitreise" Hiking trail
Open Nr. 7, Högmoos - Hasenbach Runde Walking trail
Open Nr. 8, Wiesfleck Runde Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 9, Eschenau - Ziegelhütte Runde Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 9a, Eschenauer Runde Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 10, Wolfbachtal, Breitebenkopf Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 10a, Sommerer Hochalm, Kendlhofalm Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 12, Hundstein über Ochsinger Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 13, R. Schernthaner Runde Hiking trail
Open Nr. 14, Hochkaseralm Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 15, Hundstein über Pfarrachhöhe Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 15a, Branstätteralm Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 17, Pfarrachhöhe ab Gries Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 18, Hundstein Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 19, Moosalm Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 21, Achenkopf Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 22, Verbindungsweg Thannberg- Wolfbachtal Hiking trail
Open Nr. 23, Thannberg Runde Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 25, Baukogel über Wangler Hochalm Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 26, Baukogel über Sauschneideralm Hiking trail
Closed Nr. 27, Burgerwald Höhenweg Hiking trail

The certified mountaineering and hiking guides in Rauris Valley are always more than happy to assist, helping you to design a mountain tour commensurate with your alpine experience.

Bergwolf, Wolfgang Rohrmoser
Hundsdorfweg 12
5661 Rauris, Österreich

Tel.: + 43 664 415 39 23

Gerlinde Eidenhammer, hiking guide
5661 Rauris, Österreich

Tel.: +43 664 45 83 536


From mid-June until mid-September, the valley bus will carry you from Rauris to Seidlwinkltal, a valley which is otherwise closed to public traffic from the Fleickweide car park on.
Public Postbus No. 640 runs between Taxenbach, Rauris and Kolm Saigurn.

2015 Fahrplan Tälerbus Seidlwinkltal

Mit dem Tälerbus bis zur Gollehenalm und zur Palfernalm im Rauriser Seidlwinkltal, dem Tal der Pilger und Säumer.