Living folk customs. Nurtured traditions. Traditions in Rauris Valley and Taxenbach

Preserving all that is authentic and good. Nurtured traditions and living folk customs. The people of Rauris and Taxenbach are proud of their history and their traditions – something visitors are able to clearly sense, thanks to countless local folk societies, festivals and special events.

Harvest Festival

“Wild Herbs & Medicinal Plants” is the theme of this year’s 21st SalzburgerLand Harvest Festival. Excursions, workshops and hikes will all…

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Rauriser Toifi

Together with St. Nicholas, pretty angels and the "Einspeiber", on 5 December Rauriser Toifi visit all of the kids (those who have been…

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The Schnabelperchten of Rauris are quite unique. With a gentle “Ga Ga Ga”, they make their way from house to house, checking that homes have…

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Glockner Pilgrimage

Jedes Jahr zu Peter und Paul pilgern Tausende Wallfahrer vom Rauriser Seidlwinkltal im SalzburgerLand über die Großglockner Hochalpenstraße…

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Rauris Town Folk Band

The Rauris town folk band is one of the oldest such bands in all of SalzburgerLand and offers open-air concerts in summer

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Town Folk Band

The Taxenbach folk band plays a multitude of roles, regardless of musical genres. From ceremonies both public and sacred, to concerts…

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