Rauris Town Folk Band

The Rauris town folk band was founded back in 1797, making it the oldest such band in all of SalzburgerLand. Presumably, the prosperity brought to the valley by mining contributed to it being possible to finance such a local band.

In those days, it was farmers who learned to play musical instruments that were far less varied than those of today. The mining tradition has been immortalized by the musicians in their uniforms, upon which the miner’s crest is also embroidered.

The Rauris folk band of today boasts 48 musicians, a band leader, an honorary band leader and two honorary members. And we shouldn’t forget the five sutlers, who don’t just take care of the wellbeing of the musicians themselves, they also serve schnapps to listeners.

The year of musical events begins with the spring concert. The Rauris folk band also provides music to accompany Pranger celebrations as well as Corpus Christi, mountain masses as well as other special celebrations and events such as Harvest Festival. In the summer months, the band plays at weekly open-air concerts, with music ranging from modern to typically Austrian and traditional depending on the occasion. One especially well-known piece is the "Rojacher March", composed by Stefan Reiter Sr. , a musical tribute to the history of Rauris Valley

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