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By: Jamie Poust, PharmD, BCOP

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The important point raised before the court 66 Medico-legal Update herbals dario discount 100caps herbolax mastercard, January-March 2020 herbs that heal purchase herbolax 100 caps mastercard, Vol lotus herbals 3 in 1 sunblock review 100 caps herbolax mastercard. No Constitution can ignore the rights of individuals living in the country to lead a life with dignity, failing which the fundamental rights available to the citizens will be meaningless. Keeping the judicial analysis made above in view, it can be asserted that right to life by no implication be stretched to include right to die as it may lead to social disorder. It is true that in most of such cases the victims attempt such acts due to heavy mental stress, for which instead of punishing, some reformatory actions be taken against them. The courts are endowed with enormous power to ensure that unnecessary harsh dealing or injustice is not caused to the victims who are under severe mental stress. Ours is a male dominated society, women in some areas being still illiterate and bound by blind traditions. They very often fall victims to the cruel and inhuman treatments by their male counterparts and in- laws. Under such circumstances if any woman commits suicide, the persons responsible for active assistance and inducement to commit suicide may leave scot-free. It is quite pertinent that a society being unresponsive to social causes have no right to punish the distressed. At the same time it is also not possible for the State to adopt the principle that those not able to lead a dignified life are allowed to depart it. Ethical Clearance: Not required, as the article is based on aspects which are doctrinally taken. Attempt and Abetment to Commit Suicide an Offence: A note on the Supreme Court Judgment. The absence of systematic data collection in most countries has resulted in lack of clarity on the judicial approach and its consequences, with many of the killings being reported falsely as suicides or accidental deaths by the families. Honor killings are prevalent all over the world, with the majority of them happening in the Asian countries, closely followed by the Middle East and South Asia regions. This review article attempts to analyze the present legal status of honor killing in the country of India, predominantly in the southern states. The sensational killing of a Dalit youth, Gokulraj in 2015 found in the company of a girl belonging to the Gounder community at a temple in Tiruchengode, sent shock waves across the state. The reasons for this usually include events such as inter-caste marriages involving a caste hierarchy, refusing an arranged marriage, illicit relationships, separation from spouse, etc. These offences, are considered to be as misdeeds or insults against the family, their traditions and social customs. Honor killings need not always be carried out by the family alone but may also be ordered by the community leaders or tribal councils. The perpetrators justify the act on the basis that it was an act to upload the honor of the family which was otherwise tainted by the behavior of the victim. It stems from strong religious and cultural principles that the perpetrators are taught by the elders in their family. Although they bear a resemblance to domestic violence in terms of the most common perpetrator and victim, honor killings are culturally deep-seated. According to an estimation done by the United Nations in the year 2000, an estimated 5,000 women are honor killed each year. Tamil Nadu has become another epicenter of these crimes with increasing occurrence over the years. Being a multicultural society, with variegated beliefs and faith forming the crux of every domain, honor crimes cut across all boundaries of caste, creed, class, religion, wealth and nationality. Divorce: the woman is shamed for public display of her marital problems through attempting to obtain a divorce from her husband, especially when the marriage is arranged and involves dowry. Fear of Ostracization and isolation of a family by the society when allegations and rumors are set afloat about a female member. Victim of Sexual offences: They are often considered impure and are believed to have brought upon dishonor to the family, especially if the victim gets pregnant. Central to it is the misconception associated with the virginity of a woman where it is considered to be a property of her father gifted to her husband.

The actual mediator of myelin and axonal destruction has not been established herbs unlimited generic 100caps herbolax with mastercard, but it may reflect a combination of macrophages herbals stock photos herbolax 100caps generic, antibodies herbals products safe herbolax 100caps, cytokines, and reactive oxygen intermediates. Saliva sample: Un stimulated whole saliva (2 ml) were collected from patient group and control by expectoration into sterilized vials then saliva sample were centrifuged at 12000 rpm for 10 minutes and the supernatants were stored at -20°C until use. Results and Discusion the findings indicated that the mean age of patients group was 37. With regard to gender distribution, our data indicated that female was 75% of patient group and 63. Increased autoimmunity with age may result from increased numbers of auto aggressive T-cells or reduced immune regulation. Diagnostic criteria for multiple sclerosis: 2010 revisions to the McDonald criteria. Ethical Clearance: All experimental protocols were approved under the College of Dentistry/AlMustansiriyah University and all experiments were carried out in accordance with approved guidelines. Incidence and prevalence of multiple sclerosis in Olmsted County, Minnesota, 1985-2000. Meeting the needs of people with primary progressive multiple sclerosis, their families, and the health-care community. Risk-benefit considerations in the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. College of Nursing / Warith al-Anbiyaa University, Iraq, Medico-legal Update, January-March 2020, Vol. A descriptive study was conducted at Specialized Center for Endocrinology and Diabetes in Baghdad City. Data were collected by an application of direct interview as a means of data collection. The results indicated that mothers of diabetic children are experiencing a moderate level of burden regarding care of their children (86. The study concluded that child with Diabetes Mellitus Type I are experiencing a moderate impact on their mothers. Key Words: Burden, Caring, Diabetes Mellitus Type1, Mothers Introduction Type 1 diabetes mellitus one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood, can be diagnosed at any age; peaks in onset occur between 5 years and 7 years of age and at or near puberty. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is early age of onset, and a major burden of care on to the family members, especially parents. Parents with psychological morbidity had more dysfunction in social, personal and cognitive domains and also had significantly poorer quality of life in the physical health, psychological health and general well being domains 8. The diagnosis and treatment of a chronic illness or disability, such as type 1 diabetes, in a child leads to family upheaval and reorganization 9. Methodology A descriptive study was conducted at Specialized Center for Endocrinology and Diabetes in Baghdad City. To achieve the objectives of the study, a (Convenience) samples of (50) mothers who have children with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1. In order to assess burden of caring children with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 upon mothers, a constructed questionnaire was design and means of an interview technique with the mothers was constructed to measure the variables underlying study. Questionnaire based on comprehensive review of relevant literature and previous studies was also used. Part two contained of (25) items concerning burden (psychological, social and economical) of caring children with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 upon mothers. The questionnaire was answered by one of these answers (always, sometime and never). Constant validity determined for questionnaire through the use of panel experts who are faculty members from College of Nursing. The data collected with constructed questionnaire through an application of direct interview as mean of data collection. Appropriate statistical approach was used Results and Discusion Table 1: Demographic Characteristics for Mothers No. Table 1: Demographic Characteristics for Mothers Total 3 Marital status: Married Divorced Widowed Total 4 family members: 1­5 6 ­ 10 11 Total 5 Monthly income: > 300,000 IqD 300,000 ­ 600,000 IqD 600,000 ­ 900,000 IqD 900,000 IqD < Total 6 Occupation: Housewife Governmental employed Self-employed Total 52 49 1 2 52 34 17 1 52 19 21 9 3 52 48 3 1 52 100 94. Table 3: Total impact of Care of Children with Diabetes Mellitus on Mothers (N=52) Burden Levels Low Psychological Moderate F 23 32 % 1. S: Not significant, S: Significant 752 Medico-legal Update, January-March 2020, Vol. The finding of this study found that half of the mothers are with age grouping ranged 30 -39 years old (50%), who were graduated from primary and intermediate school (36.

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Recognition of Health and Non-Health Care Related College Students on the Safety Management of Dental Radiography yogi herbals delhi order herbolax 100caps on-line. Relationship between Pain-induced Temporomandibular Joint Pain According to empowered herbals buy 100 caps herbolax with mastercard Cell Phone Use Frequency rupam herbals herbolax 100 caps otc. The Effects of Nursing Ethics and Major Satisfaction on Patient Safety Management Activities of Nursing Students. The Effects of Maternity Video and Simulation Based Education on Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Relationship, Self Leadership and Major Satisfaction. Differences of Muscle Activities of Various Bridge Postures Using Thera-band on the Stable Surface. A Comparison of Muscle Activity Depending on Shoulder Joint Flexion Angle When Conducting Kettle Bell Swing. Immediate Changes of Shoulder External Rotation Exercise of Various Angle on the Distance of Subacromial Space. Effects of Balance Training Using a Wii Fit Balance Board on Balance, Gait and Activities of Daily Living in Patients with Parkinson Disease: A Pilot, Randomized Controlled Trial. Actual Pressure Ulcer Awareness of a Person in Charge of Pressure Ulcer Management. Three-dimensional Evaluation of Maxillary Sinus Volume in Different Sex Groups Using Cone-beam Computed Tomography. Development of Personal Safety Education Program for Nursing Students Using Hybrid Application. Development and Evaluation of Educational Program to Prevent Cervical Cancer among Vietnamese Immigrant Women. A Study on the Selective Strengthening Exercise of the Quadriceps Muscle According to Various Squat Types. Change of Serratus Anterior Muscle Thickness According to Knee Flexion Angle During Knee-Push Up Plus Exercise on Sling. Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Based Cognitive Rehabilitation on Cognitive Function, Motivation and Depression in Stroke Patients. Comparison of the Effects of Standardized Patient-based Simulation Education and Clinical Practice Education for Preoperative Nursing Care for High-risk Pregnant Women. Analysis of Depression and Stress Trends of Families Receiving Basic Life Support for Dementia Patients: Based on the Community Health Survey in 2015, 2016 and 2017. A Study on the Adjustment to the College Life: Focusing on Mediated Effect of Self-Differentiation. Study on the Oral Health Attitude and Behaviour and the Changes in Dental Plaque According to the Use of Qraycam. Differences of Passive Ankle Stiffness in Post-Stroke Hemiplegia by Varying Angular Velocity between the Paretic and Non-Paretic Side. Factors Influencing Self-rated Health Status in Middle-aged Women with Osteoporosis: Based on the 7th Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Effects of Cognitive Exercise Therapy on Tactile Sensations of the Hands and Activities of Daily Living in Stroke Patients. Effects of Voice Quality Improvement Program for Professional Voice Users with Functional Voice Disorders. The Study of the Correlation between Cognition Function and Quality of Sleep in the Elderly. Effects of Acute Exercise Intensities on Blood Lipid and Growth Factors in Middle School Students with Intellectual Disabilities. Comparison of Blue Light Blocking Effects of Tips and Tinted Lenses for Dental Light Curing Machines. Difference of Health Consciousness According to Living Environment and Economic Level of the Elderly in the Urban-Rural Complex Area. Effects of Interest Inducing Activities Programs on the Attention and Self-efficacy of School-aged Children.

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As a general rule herbals vs pharmaceuticals herbolax 100 caps line, it is wise not to herbs for depression cheap herbolax 100caps without prescription immediately immerse the member in stressful situations without first having had some adequate time of observation in order for the patient to herbs medicinal purchase 100 caps herbolax with amex readjust himself to his new lifestyle. Unless the flight surgeon has had some prior indoctrination in an alcohol rehabilitation facility as a participant observer, he may never have had the experience of dealing with a recovered alcoholic. Most successfully recovering alcoholics consider themselves in no way different from other people except that they no longer drink alcohol. Some of the qualities which are indicative of the patient with a good working program of recovery are the following: 1. He no longer drinks alcohol or takes mind-altering drugs of any kind unless they are prescribed for an emergency or an elective surgical process. He no longer wonders whether the cause is biochemical, genetic, or unknown, and he no longer hopes that someone will invent a magic pill so that he can drink again socially. He is no longer concerned with his personal anonymity, as a matter of fact, he makes sure that his commanding officer is fully aware that he is an alcoholic. He is actively involved in helping other alcoholics find sobriety, and he regularly attends Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. If he is in family therapy or group psychotherapy, this in an adjunct to Alcoholics Anonymous. His sense of humor has returned, and he can now accept criticism when he is wrong. It is of the around degree important that the flight surgeon convey to the patient that he understands the way of life recovering alcoholic. This can be done by showing the patient that he is comfortable nondrinking friends, that he respects the right not to drink, and that he expects the same of commitment and the same level of performance from the nonalcoholic as he does from 18-14 Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism the recovering alcoholic. For the first year, the flight surgeon should have at least monthly, regularly scheduled, personal interview sessions with the patient. If there is any suspicion, or if the flight surgeon obtains any information which suggests that the patient may have relapsed, the patient should be grounded until the flight surgeon is certain of the actual circumstances. If there has indeed been a relapse, the patient will need to be evaluated and a determination made as to whether or not he should be returned for another course of rehabilitation. Well over half of the participants of Navy rehabilitation programs experience a "recovery" and are maintaining sobriety through the end of their first year after discharge. This is an average figure: the outlook is less favorable for the immature young person for whom alcohol may be one of the many drugs he abuses, and alcohol abuse is just one more means of expressing his dissatisfaction with his life structure. Relapse among the latter groups is unusual: most such people return to successful careers. Comments on Detoxification As a general rule, active duty personnel seen in a medical setting with a blood alcohol level over. This should be considered mandatory if there is any impairment of judgment, any evidence of agitation, hallucinations, threat of suicide, or medical complications. His treatment plan should be discussed with a friend or relative who not only can monitor compliance but notify medical personnel if complications should arise. For mild agitation and withdrawal symptoms, chlordiazepoxide (librium) 50 mg orally every two hours as needed for three days followed by 25 mg orally every two hours for an additional three days should be sufficient to control withdrawal symptoms. Symptomatology above this treatment level strongly suggests the need for hospitalization. Inpatient treatment is suggested for detoxification of all active duty personnel and for those for whom close support is not available. Folate orally 1 mg day and a multivitamin tablet daily should be prescribed unless the patient is obviously B12 deficient, in which case the latter must be repleted first. Sedation often provides symptomatic relief from withdrawal symptoms and makes management possible. There is no good evidence that sedation will prevent the emergence of delirium tremens. Neuroleptic drugs should be avoided because they can cause hypotension, autonomic symptoms and extrapyramidal symptoms that will complicate the withdrawal picture. Chlordiazepoxide, 50 mg orally every two hours as needed for three days followed by 25 mg orally every two hours is usually sufficient. Vital signs should be monitored frequently and the drug given only for objective signs of withdrawal such as hypertension, tachycardia, or tremor.

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