The Rauris
Primeval Forest

Rauriser Urwald | © TVB Rauris

The Rauris
Primeval Forest

The Rauris primeval forest at the end of the Kolm Saigurn valley is one of the most popular destinations in the Rauris valley and in the Hohe Tauern National Park. In summer, the centuries-old, natural forest welcomes visitors with its more than 80 dark moor pools, fallen spruces, stone pines, lush green mosses and romantic clearings. In winter, you can explore the Rauris primeval forest on snowshoes.

One of the best teaching paths in Austria OUR RAURIS FOREST

The Rauris Primeval Forest in Kolm Saigurn is a very special natural jewel in Austria and is known far beyond the Rauris Valley. Since the summer of 2014, we have also been able to celebrate a very special award: the Rauris Primeval Forest was named one of the 33 best educational trails in Austria! In 2012, the educational trail in the Rauris Primeval Forest - incidentally the first of all visitor facilities in the Hohe Tauern National Park - underwent a "renovation". The National Park Administration commissioned the House of Nature and the Andreas Zangl architecture firm to redesign the trail. In the summer of 2014, experts from E.C.O (Ecology. Communication. Organisation) selected 130 educational trails according to strict quality criteria, and the 33 best were awarded prizes - including the Rauris Primeval Forest!

Guided hikes

Route description

In order to protect this untouched nature, a themed trail was created here. Starting from the Lenzanger car park, it leads through numerous peat mosses, sedges and sedges. A small forest museum provides information about the geological formation of this area as well as about the flora and fauna. It usually takes 45 minutes to hike through the Rauris primeval forest. But if you take more time, you can take in the impressive natural experiences in peace and relax in this mystical moor and feel the uniqueness of nature.

  • Starting point
    Rauriser Hüttwinkltal - Kolmstraße (toll road) to the Lenzanger car park, then continue along the Almenweg no. 31 to the Alm plateau, entrance to the Rauriser Urwald below the Gainschniggalm. Alternatively: from the Alpengasthof Ammererhof approx. 20 minutes along the forest path
  • Distance | Walking time | Elevation
    3 km | 2 h | 150 hm
  • Opening hours
    depending on snow conditions - early June until autumn
  • Special features
    Block spruce forest with hundred-year-old spruces, larches and stone pines; lichens and tree beards; tree seedlings on fallen tree trunks; mosses; cotton grass; alpine newts; grass frogs; woodpeckers; owls; nutcrackers
  • Places to stop off
    Alpengasthof Ammererhof, Naturfreundehaus, Durchgangalm, Gainschniggalm, Filzenalm & Erlehenalm
  • Arrival
    own car to the Lenzanger car park or post bus no. 640 in the summer months