The landmark
of the Rauris Valley

Raurisertal Kolmkarspitz | © TVB Rauris

The landmark
of the Rauris Valley

The Hoher Sonnblick, with an impressive height of 3,106 metres, is a striking landmark in the Rauris Valley and attracts mountaineers and nature lovers alike. This majestic peak is not only known for its breathtaking views, but also for the historic Sonnblick Observatory, the highest weather station in Europe. Since 1886, this facility has provided valuable meteorological and climatological data.

For hikers and mountaineers, the Hohe Sonnblick offers a challenging but rewarding tour. The ascent usually begins in the idyllic Rauris, leads through untouched nature and offers fascinating insights into the alpine flora and fauna along the way. The glacier fields and the untouched snow fields that adorn the mountain are particularly impressive.

In summer, the Hohe Sonnblick is a paradise for hikers, while in winter ski tourers appreciate the challenging descents. The view from the summit is breathtaking and, on a clear day, extends far beyond the Alps.

And here are a few more exciting facts about the Hoher Sonnblick:

  • Thanks to the initiative of meteorologist Julius Hann and the active support of Rauris mine owner Ignaz Rojacher, the Sonnblick Observatory was built on the Hoher Sonnblick in 1886.
  • The Sonnblick can look back with pride on the more than 125-year history of its observatory - a research station unique in the world that has made significant contributions to meteorology and environmental research.
  • Ignaz Rojacher was a mining entrepreneur and played a key role in the construction of the Sonnblick Observatory on the summit of the Hoher Sonnblick in 1886. His financial support and commitment were crucial to the construction of this high-altitude weather station, which is still important for climate research today.
  • Europe's highest-altitude weather station, continuously staffed
Raurisertal Wetterstation Sonnblick Observatorium | © TVB Rauris - Fotograf Florian Bachmeier

Sonnblick Observatory

As an observatory and high-altitude research station at an altitude of 3,106 m, the Sonnblick Observatory offers a platform for carrying out a wide variety of research projects. Despite its long history and tradition, the Sonnblick Observatory is future-oriented and combines historical time series with the latest measurement technology. In addition to long-term measurements, measurement campaigns are supported in connection with specific questions.

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