Hohe Tauern
National Park

Raurisertal Etappe 16 Panorama Trail | © Ferienregion NPHT - Fotograf Gerald Demolsky

Hohe Tauern
National Park

The Hohe Tauern National Park is one of the most magnificent high mountain landscapes in the world. The altitude levels from the valleys to the summit regions of the three-thousand metre peaks are home to an extraordinary wealth of species. Many plants and wild animals originally from the Central Asian cold steppes, the Arctic and southern Europe live here. Our task as a national park is to protect and research this unique ecosystem and pass on the knowledge to future generations. Discover this fascinating wilderness in the centre of Europe!

Information about Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

 “Whoever finds the way to nature –
  also finds the way to himself.”

Klaus Ender

So unique - so eventful!

The Rauris Valley in SalzburgerLand, one of the largest national park communities, is known as the "secret jewel" of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Here you will come across so many treasures and special features that you could even speak of a "national park world of your own": Pretty much everything that can be discovered in the 1,800 km² Hohe Tauern National Park can be found in a "small space" in the Rauris Valley. Starting with cultural and historical features such as gold mining and the pack trade, glaciers and mighty waterfalls, and natural history highlights such as the mineral treasures of the Tauern Window and the large birds of prey.

Visitors have access to a variety of interactive visitor facilities and educational trails. In the Rauris Valley, you can learn interesting facts about birds of prey in the "Im Facettenreich" National Park House in Wörth and on the educational trail in the "Valley of the Vultures"; the educational trail through the Rauris Primeval Forest was named one of the best educational trails in Austria in 2014.

In both summer and winter, the Hohe Tauern National Park offers a wide range of interactive visitor facilities and educational trails. Tauern in the Rauris Valley, guided hikes with trained rangers are offered.

Ranger hike Rauriser jungle Guided hike in the Krumltal off-season Ranger hike Krumltal National Park Program Summer
Raurisertal Etappe 14 Panorama Trail | © Ferienregion NPHT - Fotograf Gerald Demolsky

Hohe Tauern Panorama Trail

At eye level with Austria's highest mountains. The "Hohe Tauern Panorama Trail" is a long-distance hiking experience in a class of its own:

Hikers cover a distance of 275 km over seventeen daily stages. The trail leads right through the holiday region of the Hohe Tauern National Park and offers breathtaking views of the highest mountains in Austria. The 16th stage leads through the Rauris Valley!

Hohe Tauern Panorama Trail