Ever since Harvest Festival 2010, many of the delicacies Taxenbach is so proud of have also been available in book form. Now in a sixth, extended edition, the cooks of Taxenbach introduce you to some of their most carefully guarded recipes - from soups and salads, meat and vegetable dishes, to Pinzgau specialties and wholefood ideas, along with cakes, breads and drinks.

When you purchase the cookbook (EUR 20,00), you don't just bring joy to yourself, your friends or relatives, you also do something good for disadvantaged people. The "Working Group for One World - Taxenbach" sells the cookbooks and shares part of the proceeds with projects providing development aid. Under the coordination and oversight of Intersol Salzburg, widows and orphans of the men of "Cerro Rico" in Potosi, Bolivia, are supported.

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