3. / 4. century b. c. Celts migrate from the Near East and start mining gold. They are called Taurisci.
15 b. c. The Romans conquer our lands and take over gold mining from the Taurisci, whom they employ as workers. The Romans help gold mining to flourish with their knowledge and equipment.
719 a. c. The Slavs have displaced the Romans and resume gold mining. They found Kolm Saigurn.
8. - 10. century The Franks and Bavarians have supremacy over gold mining.
1122 a. C. When Bishop Hinrich of Freising gave his brother two farms in RURESE in 1122 AD, the valley was first mentioned in documents.
13. century The present-day area of ​​Rauris is settled.
1460 - 1560
a. C.
The heyday of gold mining. Salzburg is considered to be the region with the most ore in Europe. The Rauris Valley is the centre of gold mining in Salzburg. Throughout the Rauris Valley you can find coking sites, huts, forges, coal mines and workshops for mining. Around 1500 around 3,000 people lived in the Rauris Valley.
1551 a. C. Gaißbach (today Rauris) becomes a market town. The coat of arms of Rauris shows a white goat (Gaißbach) and crossed mining hammers.
16th / 17th / 18th century Mining declines sharply, Protestants have to leave their homeland due to Archbishop Firmian's emigration edict, glaciers advance.
1832 - 1834 The first elevator for ore mining is built in Kolm Saigurn. The railway runs from the engine house down to Kolm, and on the side of the engine house there is a Ferris wheel that is powered by the glacier stream.
1844 Ignaz Rojacher is born.
1853 Wilhelm Ritter von Arlt is born in Prague.
1880 Ignaz Rojacher buys the mine. In 1888, Rojacher becomes the postmaster of the Rauris Valley. He gives up gold mining and sells the mine to a French company. However, the company has to give up gold mining due to a lack of profit. Rojacher dies in 1891.
1886 The Sonnblick Observatory is built.
1967 Ulli Maier, ski racer, was born in Rauris. She became world champion in the Super-G in 1989 in Vail and in 1991 in Saalbach.
1971 The first Rauris Literature Days take place.
1986 The Gold Panning World Championship takes place in Rauris.