A real adventure world in the Hohe Tauern National Park

The Rauris Valley is 30 km long and lies in SalzburgerLand, stretching from Taxenbach via Rauris/Wörth to the famous valley head Kolm Saigurn, at the foot of the Hoher Sonnblick. But it's not just its length that's impressive: with 253 km², Rauris (948 m above sea level) is the largest municipality in SalzburgerLand in terms of area - and that with "only" around 3,100 inhabitants.
Raurisertal Talansicht | © TVB Rauris - Fotograf Lukas Pilz

As the largest municipality in the Hohe Tauern National Park, the largest protected area in the Eastern Alps at 1,800 km², the Rauris Valley is also known as the "secret jewel" of the national park due to its variety of treasures.

Cultural and historical features such as gold mining or the packhorse trade in the Seidlwinkl Valley, natural history highlights such as the vultures in the Kruml Valley or the mineral treasures of the Tauern Window, lush alpine meadows, impressive glaciers, waterfalls and natural beauties such as the Rauris Primeval Forest in Kolm Saigurn and the Rauris UrQuell in the Hüttwinkl Valley make the Rauris Valley a natural adventure world for visitors and invite the whole family to go hiking and mountaineering. Our two gold panning sites offer fun for young and old when panning for gold, whether you try your luck at the artificially created panning site or traditionally in the river - gold can still be found in the mountains of Rauris.

By carefully handling nature, tradition and values, the Rauris Valley in Austria has preserved what is genuine and good. The valley consistently focuses on hospitality, tradition and sustainable tourism.

Rauris town map (PDF)

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